River of Sorrow


“While the people of India were facing the worst health and humanitarian crisis, the state leaders responded with little empathy and sensibility, remained busy in propaganda, craving for power, and displayed complete lack of foresight. The fault lines of Indian health system have come out in the open, with people dying due to lack of basic services, oxygen, beds, medicines. Thousands of bodies were found floating on the river Ganges, denying basic dignity in death. The Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath remained tight lipped on this shocking tragedy, exposing their culpability! One is reminded of the influenza pandemic in 1918, where more than a million had died, and dead bodies were left floating in rivers. That was during colonial rule. After almost seventy four years of Independence the plight of millions of poor Indians has not changed much, it seems!”